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myopia Company Profile

We like doing business with transparency. That's what you'll get: data, statistics, boards, roadmaps and sketches on how the project goes. As a company, we think data is fundamental for driving conversations, providing expectations, deadlines and delivery dates -- as well as, missing due dates! not always everything goes as expecteed!

What we do

We craft software. But more than that, we stablish a client relationship like if we were partners. We offer our services in a way that clients may choose if they just want something to get done and they come back later, or if they actually want someone to help their idea or business to be top-notch in the market.

Know more


We use methodologies that relies on metrics. They provide insights on where the effort is going and how the proyect if doing.


We take data and review how we are doing with the cleint needs. The assessment is made based on deliveries and we show the current state of the project with the.


When required, clients may ask for User Manual, Architecture documentation, program flows and diagrams that specify how data flow and/or serves when client want to handover the project.

Work with Us

Want to work with us? Please, contact our team with your resume attached.